Web Development & Website Builds

Our in house web development team are able to assist you with small changes through to complete rebuilds of your website. The benefit of working with the Mink Media team is that we integrate our SEO knowledge to ensure that your website does not just look great, but will perform well as a SEO friendly website from the ground up. Our preferred CMS is WordPress, but should you require an ecommerce, magento or other CMS we will work with you to ensure you get the website you need to accommodate your growing business.

Remember these points when building your website and you will be sure to get the right website for your business now and for the future

  1. What is the primary purpose of your website? Is it for Local SEO?
  2. What are we looking to get as a result from users visiting the website? Do we want them to purchase online or just get their details?
  3. Does your website reflect your business? Your website is your online shopfront and should reflect who and what you represent so make sure its great.
  4. What conversion points have you added to the website to track leads? Do you also integrate these leads into a CRM so you can communicate with these site visitors?
  5. Your site should be easy to use and navigate across all devices. In some industries mobile is now more important than your desktop version!
  6. Your website should be updated as often as your laptop. The online world is always evolving so your website should keep up with these changes. Plan for things like Voice Search.
  7. Make sure your website appeals to the audience you are targeting. Be creative and engaging to ensure people don’t just visit your site but stay there.


Be sure to contact us for a quote and we will happily map out what you will need to build the right site for your business. See our Website options below.

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