Custom Websites

Your website is essentially your store front, so it is important to ensure your website is professional and memorable.

Custom Websites, Mink Media

Custom website designs create unique brand identities that will make your business stand out from the rest. Your website will not be a copy of any other website, your website will be uniquely yours. Many businesses run on the same template for multiple websites builds, due to the little cost.

The Mink Difference

However, at Mink Media, we spend the time to know what you want to achieve with your website build. Mink Media make you a part of our team, anything you don’t like or want to change – we make happen. We work to ensure your online identity is something unique. Your customers will reward your efforts and investment with more enquiries and income.

Ecommerce Built Websites

We create online stores that sell products, conveniently and efficiently for all users.

Businesses have come a long way from physical storefronts. The world of online shopping has become one of the most profitable revenues for many businesses. This has made it simple to reach your customers and bring your product/service closer to them.

A website that integrates product display with a simple user experience and a safe payment solution will ensure your business grows as the online world increases. Ecommerce websites are in line with SEO, and Mink Media can help your website become recognisable on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, Watch your business become an international success with a click of a button.

At Mink Media, we understand the dreams you have of your business growing at a rapid pace, and hence, we would like to offer you a high-quality customisable e-commerce website development solution that will set your cash registers ringing. Our team will work on the SEO of your website, with this in mind, your website will be optimised for any search engine with the aim of ranking for your keywords.

We will build your website and help you reach the top of the search engine. Our digital marketing team will assist your website to become the talk of the town through social media content, website blogs, and website campaigns.

Custom Websites, Mink Media


WooCommerce is a digital subscription that will allow you to create a website and manage products, inventory, payments and online shipping. WooCommerce has nearly 1 million online stores and is utilised in every country. WooCommerce is simple to use so you can have peace of mind when we build your website in WooCommerce, that you will be able to use it too.

  • WooCommerce is simple and effective, the moment your website is built in WooCommerce, you can start accepting orders within hours.
  • WooCommerce allows websites to be built with a visually appealing storefront. Our full-stack developer works to ensure that your website is designed perfectly to suit your website ideas and vision.
  • All WooCommerce built websites with Shopify website themes are mobile responsive and adapt seamlessly to all mobile and desktop devices.
  • WooCommerce allows for an all in one solution, incorporating various marketing features, for example, an abandoned cart recovery plugin
  • More than 30% of websites are built in WordPress, that’s the most commonly used web development platform by far
  • WordPress is consistently updating, with regular theme updates and plugins, so your website will constantly be on trend with the latest features.
  • The WordPress content management system is simple, clear and initiative, making all updates quick
  • WordPress is the most commonly used platform for website builds, which means it is arguably one of the most reliable and robust website platforms in the world.
  • WordPress code is clean and the CMS has the feature to make SEO simple.
  • WordPress is an option for those who want to use a simple navigation system, you can access and use the website anytime.
  • Regular backups are completed through the website build, meaning you can have peace of mind no matter what happens your website is restored.
  • Security is a must with WordPress websites, as it is commonly used, WordPress will ensure there are no attacks on your custom website.
  • WordPress has been around for a long timber and is a cost-effective solution for a content management system that is built using an open-source framework.
  • WordPress has 100,000 WordPress websites built every day
  • WordPress built websites are not complex and can be used by you at anytime
  • WordPress offers website design possibilities, from pre-designed to unique website builds.

Informational Websites

We predominantly work on WordPress websites to ensure your website is optimised for SEO throughout the website build. Customisable websites for informational websites are uniquely yours. We have no limit on custom building a website. We can build your website on any scale, with a focus on cutting edge functionality and user experience.

Conversion Points

When building websites, conversion points are highly important. Adding multiple conversion points on a landing page will increase the number of inquires your business will receive, compared to a page built with little to no conversion points. Every customisable website we build, is built with structured conversion points throughout every page. We consider service pages, homepage, and contact pages.

We Build Websites For All Industries

Mink Media have worked on a range of websites customised for specific industries. View our recent projects and website builds for industries in flooring, roofing, childcare, dental and we are more than happy to work on any industry.

A customisable website means your website is unique, there will be no other website similar to yours, you have the freedom to design the site however you like, or we can design it for you. Customisable websites offer free range, if you have any ideas we can make it happen.

A customisable website typically rank higher in search engines, and with this, you are not only investing in a beautifully designed website, but you are investing in a tool to help grow your business.

Our team work hard to listen to your dream website, we understand the design, feel, layout and look you are after, ensuring that the steps we take are toward the website you envision.

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Contact our team of digital marketing specialists who are here to listen to your vision, and will work with you to ensure your vision is achievable.