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What is meant by link building?

At its core, link building is the process of collecting links from other websites back to your own.

The more websites pointing toward your own, the more highly your website will be seen by search engine algorithms.

These days are over, though, and you’ve got to focus on collecting authentic links to boost the reputation of your website. That’s just a basic look at the surface: things are far more complex and sophisticated. Not all backlinks are equal, and you want to get as many quality backlinks from authoritative domains as possible.

Link building is a delicate science and as with other areas of SEO, there’s no definite answers at the moment.

Search engines carefully guard their search algorithms to make sure that they cannot be hacked and abused. In fact, link building used to be one of the easiest ways to manipulate search results. Businesses would engage in “black hat” SEO tactics like link farming to propel their website up the ranks. The best strategy is to know your audience and provide informative and engaging content that users will see value in sharing across other media channels and their blogs and websites.

If you are hoping to grow the popularity of your website and boost your critical SEO metrics, it’s essential that you take link building seriously.

Alongside on-page optimisation and a solid keyword strategy, this really is one of the cornerstones of successful SEO.
Simply put, quality links will help to increase the authority of your domain and help it to place higher within organic search results. Google (and other search engines) want to present quality results to its users, and they use a wide range of factors to gauge the authenticity and quality of the websites that they present. A website with lots of quality backlinks will find that it ranks higher than its competitors without those same links.
Backlinks are very important for SEO because they appear to have a very big pull within search engine algorithms. In fact, backlinks are often considered to be one of the top factors when compared to other SEO elements like keywords and meta data.

Key link building activities

Key link building activities Here’s a closer look at some of the key link building activities that we employ depending on your industry, competition and service package you adopt.

Guest Posts

One of the great ways to forge authentic connections are earn quality backlinks is to write guest pieces for other websites. Many thought leaders, for example, will write for high-quality domains like Forbes to earn backlinks to their own website. This is a harmonious trade where every party wins and gets something from it. Not only is this great from a technical perspective, but there are also clear PR benefits too.

Link Sharing

Some websites understand that backlinks are incredibly important, and they also realize that there are natural opportunities for link building that drives value for businesses and users alike. Let’s imagine, for example, that a company offering a project management tool writes a blog post to help its users identify the best time tracking software. Tom owns a time tracking tool and his business has not been included – he could request that a link is made to his website.

Curated Content

Backlinks are important, but so are outgoing links. Many businesses and websites decide to become content curators to build lots of outbound links – and increase their chances of inbound links. Let’s imagine that Tracey runs a blog about the latest Hollywood films. She could make list posts and bring together resources from around the web to boost the profile of her own website.

Publish Quality Content

If you create quality content on your website, you can rest assured that other websites will naturally spread the word and tell their own readers about it. Let’s imagine that Tracey’s movie blog begins to build a solid reputation among film fanatics – it’s only natural that her website will begin to attract attention.

Compile Statistics

You’ll find that many people from around the web are often looking for quality statistics. Many of these people belong to a particular business niche and they want to find that killer stat to prove their point. Content that brings together a range of statistics is very popular these days and it’s great for acquiring quality backlinks while you reap the references.


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