Websites for Local SEO

Every website should have a purpose in mind.
Local SEO Websites, Mink Media

What's Your Website's Purpose?

Is your website a place to drive leads to or is it an informative brochure? Based on this goal, we implement proven strategies to ensure the right person finds your website. Ideally, becoming a lead and future client of your business. Sometimes the industry determines the type of website you have and its purpose.

Typically, the clients we manage at Mink Media, are looking for exposure online as well as rankings and in most cases, an end goal of obtaining new leads to their business. These clients vary from an individual tradesman to professional services, through to a physical store in one or two locations. 

In each instance, the website structure must signal the target location it will aim to rank for.

Local SEO Websites, Mink Media
Local SEO Websites, Mink Media

Over 65% of searches on Google include a local suburb with the keyword.

As Google continues to aim to deliver locally targeted results to users, it is imperative that your website sends the correct signals to ensure you rank for these searches. As such a high majority of search terms include a local suburb, you need to ensure you do not miss out on this traffic. Simply keeping consistent and including the targeted keywords with relevant suburbs in your schema markup will ensure your site never gets missed in a local search.

Speak to the team about combining your website with a targeted

Local SEO Strategy

You'll never have to worry as we have tried and tested local SEO strategies that work for our existing clients. 

Local SEO Websites, Mink Media