Lead Capture

“FREE Digital Marketing for a whole year” 

That got your attention, didn’t it? Perhaps you’d like to know more about the offer and all you have to do is fill in a form that takes 5 seconds. This is lead capture.

Lead Capture, Mink Media

What Is Lead Capture?

Lead capture is any means used to collect the contact details of prospective customers and to generate leads. The idea is to obtain contact information from potential customers so you can lead them further down the sales funnel.

With the majority of visitors to a website not converting immediately, there is still a sizeable opportunity to take advantage of site traffic by creating a lead capture page that does its job.

What is a Lead Capture Page?

A lead capture page is a specific landing page on your website, blog, Google Adwords campaign or Facebook Campaign designed to capture information about your potential customers, for example, name, email, or phone number.

The main objective of a lead capture page is to gain the attention of the visitor, collect information from the visitor, build a relationship, then guide them further down the customer journey.   

For a lead capture page to be successful, you should take into consideration these factors before designing the page

Audience Types

Leads are people who are not very familiar with your brand but are interested to know more, whereas prospects are people who already have some interest in your offering but have not converted yet. Can you come up with ways to entice these audiences to want to learn more about your brand or product?


Are you able to offer something of value or a “reward” in exchange for customer information? For example, a free product trial or access to an exclusive offer. Perhaps a checklist for your company or informative PDF. From there, you can nurture your lead through email marketing using the contact details collected from the data.


Poorly designed lead capture page forms ask for too much information which can be seen as too bothersome or invasive by some visitors. Did you know that one-field lead capture pages tend to have higher conversion rates? Think your lead capture page is too complicated? Maybe it’s time for a website re-design.

Traffic Source

Consider the best ways to attract your target audience, is it through SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC ads), email list, paid social media ads or other ways?

At Mink Media, we will be able to customise a digital marketing strategy to suit you and your business. If you are unsure about what you need or would like a consultation to get the ball rolling on your digital marketing journey, we’re only a call away.

Lead Capture, Mink Media

Why Are Lead Capture Pages Important?

As mentioned at the start, individuals are highly unlikely to make a purchase during their first interaction with a company, particularly if they have only just discovered your brand or product. This is why it is essential to have a lead capture page as it allows you the opportunity to gather information with the expectation that the visitor will get something useful in return.  

Even if the visitor does not convert the first or second time, once you have their information you can start to build the relationship and trust, hopefully leading them to take action.

Why Are Forms Used to Capture Leads?

Forms are useful to capture leads for reasons listed below

Opt-in Process

Forms are used to capture leads as they simplify the opt-in process, making it straightforward for your prospect to sign up in exchange for content or an offer.

Valuable Data

Forms can help gather information about where your customers are coming from so you can see which of your marketing techniques are working for you and which ones are less successful.

No Distractions

The purpose of a form is to make an offer to a visitor in exchange for contact details, and by using a lead capture page, this keeps the focus on the reward and information, nothing else.

Generating high-quality leads can be a hard task since most visitors don’t take a second step to engage further with a brand. However, if you put in some time and energy to create a well-designed and engaging lead capture page, your chances could increase exponentially.

How We Can Help You with Lead Capture: LANA and Mink Media

LANA is your Lead Automation Nurture Application. LANA is an all included automated marketing application that features a virtual assistant, helping you secure leads through a chatbot on any page of your website. You are not only adding customer details into your database, but you will be able to nurture your leads with text and email marketing. Don’t want to miss a lead? Save time and money using lead automation with the help of LANA, for more information please visit the LANA website.

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