SEO Ready Built Websites

We build sites that are fast, secure, mobile responsive and easy for users to navigate.
SEO Ready Websites, Mink Media

Websites that are built with SEO in mind appease Search engines like Google.

By implementing the best practices on your website, you ensure your site discoverable by search engines. This is part of the formula for ranking your site. The other half of SEO ready built sites is ensuring the individual that visits your website has a great user experience.

We build sites that are fast, secure & mobile responsive

Additionally, we ensure your website is easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. With an improved user experience, users will spend more time on your website, which will simultaneously improve your organic rankings. 

SEO Ready Websites, Mink Media
SEO Ready Websites, Mink Media

Creating Site Architecture

Our goal when building SEO ready websites is to create a site architecture that is intuitive for users to engage with. This same architecture allows pages to be crawled by search engines for SEO purposes. We give priority to the most important content in the architecture and work our way down, linking to prioritised keywords. 

Website Already Built?

The below checklist will be a great guideline to ensure your website is performing and sending the right signals to Google and your users.

SEO Ready Websites

10 Point Checklist

Start by listing all your products and services. Generate a list of search terms and phrases customers would use to find them. You can use tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner or the LSI Keyword Generator to assist you.

URLs – these should contain targeted keywords, be unique and meaningful. 

Title Tags – The title, like a book, dictates what the page is about. Be sure to be succinct with this description (60 characters). This is also the displayed title in your search results.

Meta Description – This is your opportunity to be compelling and descriptive in 160 characters. A great meta description will include your targeted keywords and ultimately, improve click through rate.

The ease of navigation from your home page to each of your pages should consider both the user experience and the search engine spiders.

Be sure to generate an XML sitemap which provides an indexable list of your pages. You can generate your sitemap from tools like Yoast and submit it in Google Search Console.

Content must attract users whilst including targeted keywords and phrases. Avoid duplicate content on your website. Copying content from other websites may be flagged by Google and considered spam.

The Google Pagespeed Insights Tool allows you to see the desktop and mobile speed of your website. You can also look at tools such as GT Metrix. This provide you with a list of actions to take to reduce website load time as well as server response time.

Ensure you have an active SSL certificate on your website that will encrypt your files. When installed on your server, you will see a padlock with HTTPS protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

As users have multiple devices, it is imperative to have a site that is responsive to all screen sizes. This not only means a better user experience, but it is a ranking factor. On mobile, ensure your menu is easy to navigate and your contact details are easy to find.

Be sure to claim your business name on all social media platforms. Google loves when users interact with their products. So, be sure to build all your Google profiles too. This includes your Google My Business Page, a free listing that ranks for local searches on the SERP.

Be sure to implement Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to ensure you are measuring user activity. Investigate how people are discovering your website and their means to find you. 

Implement a structured data system on your website. Refer to so that your micro data tells Google what your website is about based upon agreed-upon definitions.

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