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Medical SEO Agency, Mink Media

Achieve More Online With Medical SEO

Medical centres are learning the importance of marketing their services and products online. They are now redesigning their websites to not only keep in contact with existing clients and attract new customers but gain a competitive edge over their competitors. However, these creative advertising efforts will go unnoticed if they are not optimised for search engines. That’s where Mink Media come into the mix; we optimise your site with a complete tailored SEO strategy.

We work with a range of medical centres and understand the importance of knowing your business inside out. Every medical SEO strategy is customisable to match your specific business goals, this will ensure that we are attracting the right audiences for your business and driving more inquiries to you.

Australia’s Best SEO Agency For Medical Centres

In the past, I have worked with larger SEO agencies and have seen accounts with 4 and 5 people managing several parts of the campaign having never spoken to the owner of the business. Not to mention the turn over of staff and handovers of accounts treating clients like a number.

At Mink Media, we are not only your local SEO consultants but also your remote digital marketing arm of your business. We provide professional advice on your online traffic and can even deliver conversion tracking to your offline media to ensure you are getting a return on your marketing dollars.

Mink Media has worked with local medical centres for years, so we know exactly what your business needs to generate consistent leads. We have helped a large number of medical centres achieve great online success through building a strong local search engine presence.

And that’s exactly what we can do for your medical SEO strategy.

Medical SEO Agency, Mink Media

Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy is proven and always evolving to ensure we maintain currency with Google algorithms.

If you have ended up on this page, we are confident that you were searching for a keyword related to medical SEO agency and through the power of search engines, you are reading this right now. Medical SEO is a competitive search term, and we were able to get you to click on our site over all the other competitors. Imagine what we could do for your inquiries and business growth through a customisable SEO strategy.

Studies show that the top 3 search results receive 60% of all clicks. If your website receives the top-ranking results your website will gain increased traffic, greater credibility, and authority which in return means more leads for your business.

It’s very important to be mindful that your competitors are most likely already investing in search engine optimisation. Your competitors are already benefiting from SEO practices, which are bringing them exposure, and visitors that didn’t know they existed before. Don’t lose your chance of missing out on potential leads.

SEO is one of the most fundamental elements of digital marketing as it will ensure your website reaches the top spot in all search engines. A successful and customisable SEO strategy will improve your user’s experience when they visit your site. This will improve a stronger online presence for your website which will give you a complete advantage over your competitors.

Mink Media has an extensive and combined branding strategy, which has been proven to alter untrusted brands into a profitable business. Our unmatchable marketing expertise will enhance your business’ overall performance.

Put your website in front of the eyes of potential customers when they are searching for your focus keyword. As more and more people are searching questions online, you want your website to be the answer. Once your website has been optimised it will:

  • Improve your online presence
  • Increase visits with Google Maps
  • Connect with existing and new customers on social media
  • Generate more traffic and leads
  • Enhance the credibility and authority of your online presence
  • Improve the profile of your business in your community

When you work with Mink Media, your website will be mobile-friendly, user-friendly and conversion-driven which will ultimately grow your business.

If you’re unsure about website design or optimisation, we specialise in building and optimising websites for medical centres just like yours. We turn users who visit your website into new customers all while we improve your websites integrity, authority, and trust.


SEO Agency Process

Mink Media has worked with a range of medical centres over the years, which has developed our detailed and strategic SEO process.
First, we discuss your business goals and whom you consider your ideal target audience is. Our initial discussion will help us understand exactly what keywords you would like to focus on.

Medical SEO Agency, Mink Media
  • If you currently have an existing website, we will run an audit to identify your sites current search engine rankings and what areas need to be improved. This will give us an idea of which SEO package is best suited for your website.
  • The audit is a baseline, which allows yourself and Mink Media to see what we have achieved over time if you choose to work with us.
  • Then we will submit a proposal, which details the keyword research we have conducted, an onsite strategy to be employed and pricing required.
  • In month 1, we complete an extensive setup of your complete Google environment and social media presence. We then create your individual dashboard, which you will have 24/7 access to see all activity being done.
  • Every month you will receive a report detailing the current keyword changes and an updated audit to compare the performance of your website from our initial audit. This data will be pulled from Google Analytics and Search Console.

How Will An SEO Agency

Help You?

Mink Media know exactly what you need that’s why we are here to help. Start receiving immediate benefits from your medical SEO agency.

Builds Trust

Our SEO strategies will build brand awareness. When your site appears on the first page of a search engine, users are more likely to trust your brand who has a strong online presence rather than those who don’t.

Increased Traffic, Leads & Conversions

Local SEO will optimise your site for local vicinities; this way users can find you quickly and easily. Focusing on suburbs, cities or states will provide a viable medium for your medical messaging locally.

Generate Quality Traffic

When you rank organically you receive the best quality traffic. This is because people are actually searching for what you’re offering. You do not need to fight paid advertisements because you’re pulling the traffic organically.

Ultimate Long-Term Strategy

When you first start out with SEO, you won’t always see immediate results. However, over time you will begin to improve your rankings and consistent efforts, which will hold the top spot

Improved Industry & Competitor Knowledge

Optimising your website improves your knowledge and understanding your competitors and the industry you’re in. We will conduct a competitor analysis, identify who is ranking for your keywords and see what they’re doing better.

Yields A Higher Click-Through Rate

When you practice medical SEO your website will receive more visibility and relevance in the search results. This will, therefore, yield a better click-through rate. Data shows that the top position will gain a significantly higher click-through rate on all device searches.

Mink Media Services For Medical Centres

Mink Media offers a wide range of marketing solutions for your business to ensure your website is found online through SEO, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads. Our packages are completely customisable for your website needs, so if you have something specific in mind, we are more than happy to provide a personal proposal.

Website Development

Our team specialise in SEO web development with a heavy focus on ready-built websites, websites for local SEO and WordPress built websites. We convert unsuccessful, dull and stagnant websites into dynamic lead driven websites. Our web development team know exactly what changes your website needs to ensure your website looks great and accommodates your growing business.

Facebook Ads

We assist you in creating targeted ads to reach different audiences based on age, location, interests, gender and more. Depending on your business goals, we will provide professional advice on the best-suited marketing objective for your ad. Facebook ads support your business’ online activities as organic website traffic and various other search traffic allows Mink Media to identify who is visiting your site and target them accordingly.

Google Adwords

You may not notice Google Ads since they’re at the top of the page and blend in with the organic results. Google Adwords are the paid ads on the top of the results page. This is a very competitive spot and can get very costly if not managed correctly. Mink Media will analyse your website and build high-quality pages if necessary to convert as many site visits. Google Adwords complements your SEO strategy by targeting specific search queries and targeting traffic for keywords you are not ranking for on the first page.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are looking to generate more online inquiries, you will most likely need SEO at some point. Getting to the top of the search results page is competitive and takes a lot of time and effort, that’s why Mink Media are here to do the hard work for you. We use an extensive range of tools, which send the right signals to Google, therefore benefiting your overall ranking. Our SEO process involves setting up your dashboard, Google environment and delivering a monthly ranking report. Our website reports show you how your rankings have increased.

How Do You Grow Your

SEO As A Company?

SEO entails a range of factors that must be considered in order to boost your website’s performance. A successful SEO strategy will generate a large number of quality visitors to your site, and the rewards can benefit you for years.

Meta descriptions don’t actually impact the ranking of your website, however, it plays a vital role in your click-through-rate. Meta descriptions with well-written content that highlights your services and benefits will increase their chances of clicking on your website. The ideal length of a meta description is 155 to 160 characters in length, don’t make it too long.

Meta descriptions don’t actually impact the ranking of your website, however, it plays a vital role in your click-through-rate. Meta descriptions with well-written content that highlights your services and benefits will increase their chances of clicking on your website. The ideal length of a meta description is 155 to 160 characters in length, don’t make it too long.
A lot of people overlook the technical side of SEO for on-page optimisation. This can harm the performance of your website and ultimately making it harder for your website to rank number 1 on the search results page. Technical SEO applies to a range of factors that can decrease your website ranking if they are not attended to.
Large scaled companies mainly focus nationally or globally when it comes to search results. We use this to our advantage and target local keywords, and our SEO efforts will achieve this easily. Location pages and content with your city or suburbs name will improve your ability to rank locally. It’s also important to optimise your Google My Business listing and reviews

Google My Business allows you to choose what is shown on Google. This is where you include your phone number, address, opening hours, reviews and images. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers just because you don’t have a Google My Business profile. This automatically boosts your chances of appearing in the search results when users are searching for keywords related to medical centres.

Google allows users who have a verified Google account to leave reviews of your business on the search results. Google will take all reviews into consideration when choosing who ranks where. That’s why it’s important to provide quality service and customer satisfaction to ensure you receive positive feedback.
Link building is imperative to build your websites authority and trust flow. Link building increases your relevance and makes your customers feel confident in who they are interacting with. This step can never be overlooked and you can be reassured your website will always have successful built links so you can enjoy the benefits.
Building citations and online directories takes a lot of time and effort but are necessary if you want your website the gain exposure and trust. Mink Media has built citations and created online directories for years, so its second nature to us. Some SEO agencies will add your business name to any online directory they can, that’s not what you want to do. Creating quality profiles with online directories is much more valuable than quantity.
Guest blogging is a great way to possess strong backlinks to your website. Guest blogging is where you provide reputable bloggers with a blog post on the topic of your business or service and in return, they link your website in the article. This can take time, not everyone will say yes but the end result is worth the dedication

Reach More Inquiries With Medical SEO

SEO is one of the most crucial ways to gain traffic and increase the performance of your website. We have years of experience working with medical centres, so we know how to attract targeted visitors who are genuinely interested in your service or product. You will enjoy the benefits of quality visitors over users who have no user intent.

We listen to your business needs and wants, understanding what keywords and locations you want to focus on allowing us to target the right audience. Successful keyword optimisation helps you reach your customers and increase profits.

Don’t wait any longer to start your search engine optimisation with a professional. Your website may be losing crucial traffic right now which in turn means less business revenue. When you work with Mink Media, you can be assured that you will never miss out on potential customers again. Start your SEO journey today with Mink Media, contact us on 0426 246 465.

Medical SEO Agency, Mink Media

Don’t wait any longer to start your

search engine optimisation with a professional.

Your website may be losing crucial traffic right now which in turn means less business revenue. When you work with Mink Media, you can be assured that you will never miss out on potential customers again. Start your SEO journey today with Mink Media, contact us on 0426 246 465.