How A New Website Design Can Improve Your Business

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Is your website looking a little dated and too basic compared to your competitor’s website? Maybe it’s time for a new website. However, we all know a new website can be quite costly to build so how do we know if it is worth the price tag? Check out this blog to find out how we, at Mink Media, transformed our own business through new website builds and increased our traffic over the years.

The Evolution of Mink Media

Watch the video below from Mink Media’s Founder & Managing Director, John. He shows the humble beginnings of where it all started and how it grew to where it is today, all through the lens of a new website. See behind the scenes data and analytics of our business’ growth. Learn how you could grow your business just like us.

A recap of the designs

How A New Website Design Can Improve Your Business, Mink Media

Humble Beginnings


Overall: A simple design that had the bare minimum. Still a contemporary design in aspects of the font, layout and call to action button on the first fold of the homepage.

How A New Website Design Can Improve Your Business, Mink Media

Understanding Who We Are & A New Vibe

Overall: A huge upgrade from the last website, we see what Mink Media is about and your attention is grabbed from the start through very endearing mink graphics. A small pop of colour in the menu. Most companies would be satisfied with this result.

How A New Website Design Can Improve Your Business, Mink Media

Well Established & Personalised to the Fullest

Overall: We grew our company with new services and features. In parallel, our website grew too. We find clients that request a new website from us tend to extract features and inspiration from Mink Media’s website.

We have trialled and tested what works and what doesn’t work for a website. Therefore, we can fast track your business guaranteeing you results with our web development services.


How does the visual affect the numbers?

Our bread and butter is SEO. Therefore, we have to build a website with SEO in mind. Many other companies DO NOT do this. They simply give you a pretty website with confusing sitemaps and URLs that don’t make sense.

Surely if a website ranks well on Google, then it doesn’t matter what the website looks like visually.


If you are ranking well and a potential customer happens to land on your website, the timer has started for them to become disinterested. You want to capture leads and get the customer calling or enquiring about your business. However, this is made almost impossible if the navigation on the website is difficult, if there are no call to actions or the ‘contact us’ page is hidden, to name a few.

Animations, graphics, professional photography of your business, clear layout and design are all features to add to your website to hold/gain interest from the visitor. Additionally, it increases the credibility and reliability of your company.

Let’s skyrocket your business today

If you have read through the blog and realised you aren’t receiving interest through your website or you are needing a website refresh, contact Mink Media and one of our friendly staff members will able to guide you through the process of a new website. We provide web development services to all industry sectors with a personable and easy approach. Get in touch with us today.

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