How Social Media Influences Your SEO

In today’s generation, social media is everything. We take photos of our food, we share images from our holidays, we comment on friend’s selfies, we find places to eat online, and we win competitions through apps. Social media is becoming more and more relevant in our lives and that’s why it’s so important to integrate social media with your business’ search engine optimisation.

Social media can increase your website’s traffic through various search engines. However, social media does not directly impact your rank, but the links shared and images shared through social media assist your brand’s online exposure, which Google does not see as influencing your websites search engine rank. Yet increased exposure leads to higher rankings… it sounds confusing but don’t worry, in simple terms: social media and SEO work together to achieve your desired business goals.

Now let’s look at why your business needs to utilise all social media platforms for SEO purposes.

Social Media Content

Social Media is completely content-based, and the best part is that social media posts will be crawled by search engine spiders as well as indexed. However, this does not mean every post will help your search engine rankings. Your social media posts must be relevant for those searching for similar information. Social media can now allow your website to be indexed faster since search engines now treat social media content differently. If you create content that turns viral and is shared on social media receiving a lot of attention, it will be indexed a lot quicker. Search engines are able to identify content because of the social factor, therefore increasing your search engine ranking.

Build Authority

Search engines value page authority highly. So it’s imperative to put heavy focus towards increasing your websites domain authority, and one way to do this is through social media. The more authority your website has, the more search engines are likely to rank you over those with little domain authority. The more valuable content you provide the more backlinks you acquire and therefor website authority has established. A study by Dan Zarrella states that there is definitely a link between how many shares your social media post has and how many backlinks you receive from it. Social media is one of the most relevant ways to create backlinks for your website. Your level of content and engagement you receive on your social media profiles will assist your level of authority. The more engagement and shares mean more places for your posts to reach. For example, if you post an article on LinkedIn about making coffee, and a café website creates a link to your article this is a great way to create backlinks, which Google will see favourably.

Social Media Is Real

Search engines are always seeking for content tailored to improving users experience online. Keyword optimisation will only get you so far; it’s not all technical. Search engines are looking for real users, therefor your posts must be for the users. Social media allows you to target a specific audience through age, gender, location, interests and more. It also is the most effective way of getting to know your audience. You can run polls, promotions and allow space for customer reviews to provide you with an understanding of what your customers really want. It is also a great way to build a loyal audience so you can see who is sharing your posts and what impact it has on your brand.

Post On Your Social Apps Today!

Overall we can see that social media and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to ranking your website on search engines. If you’re not posting on social media, get onto it! The Internet is ultimately a place for social interactions, sharing images, commenting on posts, and coming together as one community, so we can say that social media is just what you require for your SEO efforts.

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