How To Make Your Branding Stand Out On Your Website

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75% of consumers confess to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design. Therefore, you have only one chance to get it right before a person makes their mind up about your company. Good website design is the key to making that first impression count – your website is your digital storefront, and it is the perfect opportunity to make your business stand out! In this blog, we’ll be focusing on one important element of good web design: branding.

Look at it this way, what can you gather from this homepage? You can clearly see their main services, the company logo, blue is consistently found throughout the page, and the content is straightforward to digest. Good web design encourages a visitor to stay for longer and makes snap decisions easy.

What is branding?

If you want to build an effective website for your business, you need to have strong, consistent branding. But what does this mean?

Branding is directly related to your business’ identity, including all visual elements and other characteristics associated with your brand. It takes time and effort to establish branding; it’s all about creating the image of an appealing and desirable company.

People won’t always remember your business name or website, but they may recall a good logo, a catchy phrase, or a distinctive colour. Your brand is how you appear in the minds of your customers, it tells your story and why you are in business.

Tips to make your branding stand out on your website

Keep it nice and simple

Make sure your website has everything that it needs, and nothing more. Avoid using an excessive amount of content, graphics, or add-ons – ensure that your site is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and quick to load.

Have a good logo

One of the first elements that someone will notice is your company logo, meaning that it is an essential part of your brand identity. Whether you use a professional designer or an online logo builder, ensure that your logo conveys the spirit of your brand and speaks to your audience.  


The use of consistent typography in your content refers to the specific typefaces used, one or two core fonts that best represent your brand.

Colours matter

What colours best represent your brand? Colours are recognisable, draw attention, and convey emotion. From your logo, graphics, website or social media content ensure that these elements feature the same colours throughout to provide a consistent feel.

How To Make Your Branding Stand Out On Your Website, Mink Media
Be original

Many web design companies will offer templated designs – which can be time-saving – but these will not leave a lasting impression on visitors. You want your branding and web design custom and unique in order to resonate with your audience.

The importance of consistency

Having consistent imagery, style, and colours on your website adds to the visual appeal as well as creates a distinct identity for your company. Brands without consistency and clarity can feel scattered and unreliable from a consumer point of view.

Benefits of Using Consistent Branding

Effective and uniform branding on a website offers the following benefits:

  • People can quickly recognise your business
  • Your content is more likely to be remembered
  • Form stronger connections with your audience as they can relate to your images, resonate with your message and align with your brand personality
  • Having a consistently designed website and branding promotes professionalism, leading to an increase in credibility and trust

Branding is just the beginning… talk to Mink Media today

Are you creating a new website for your business or just looking to give your existing site an overhaul? Branding is one of the many pieces of the puzzle which makes up your website design. If you have any questions about branding or web design in general, feel free to contact the Mink Media team and we would love to give you additional tips adapted for your business! Contact us online or give us a call on 0426 246 465 today.

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